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Summer Institute


The Invitational Summer Institute is an in-depth professional development opportunity for teachers from K-University level. Teachers from all content-areas may apply for a summer fellowship.

Teachers invited to attend Summer Institute will:

The benefits of attending the Summer Institute are:

The 2014 Invitational Summer Institute will consist of one Saturday (May 3, 2014 for Orientation) and four weeks in the month of June (June 2-27, 2014).

Hear from some of the Previous Summer Fellows

"Even though I have been teaching for over 30 years, I learned so much from Summer Institute. Before I attended, I knew very little about the NWP. Now I see why people who are exposed to it become such fans. Summer Institute involved me body, soul, and mind in a writing/learning community. I was reminded how powerful such wholehearted participation is for writers, especially for my students. The SI approach demystifies the writing process and makes it accessible for everybody."
- Mary Bishop, English instructor at Holmes Community College

I had heard many things about SI prior to sending in my application: "It's the hardest work you will ever love," "You will not want to go home when it is over," "You will learn!" It is all true and more than that. My one regret is not having done it years before. Now it is really nice to be on the cutting edge of the direction education is going in this state.
- Mike Landers, middle school language arts teacher at North Pontotoc Middle School

Summer Institute was a life-changing event for me. Not only has it made me a better teacher, but also it has introduced me to a group of teachers whose commitment, originality, and hard work is a continual source of inspiration. SI enabled me to shed the isolation that I often felt as a teacher and to join a network of talented teachers. Being a part of this group has given me a new sense of pride in my profession.
- Mindy West, middle school language arts teacher at Yazoo County Junior High

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